As a Christian school we teach gospel values. Each month we focus our worship on one of these, for example: forgiveness. A focus on implicit and explicit gospel values encourages the promotion and celebration of pupils’ moral, cultural and social development.  Their spiritual development is a significant strength of the school and is evident in the way pupils interact and the comments they make to each other.

Our Church and School Together – Photo gallery

school and church photo gallery

gospel values
On 17th July Mrs Sweeney presented children in Reception, the Clover, Years 1 and 2 with certificates for demonstrating throughout the year our core values of Trust, Tolerance, Understanding and Respect.



The 2014/2015 School Council wrote and filmed this video explaining what the schools core Gospel values of trust, tolerance, understanding and respect mean to them. You can see the fun they had making it, yet it still shows how much gospel values are part of their school life and how they determine the way in which the children behave towards each other.


Our children, parents, staff and governors showing us great examples of gospel values:

Learning to trust God always.

In our after-school club LEGO (Learning and Experiencing God in Others) we explored the value of TRUST. We played games where we had to trust each other. We designed and made life vests to keep us safe if a boat we were on was in a storm, and thought about what items we would need once our life vests had helped us safely to an island.


This week in the LEGO after school club we learned about tolerance, and valuing each other differences.


Our Saviour taught us the Lord’s Prayer, and the children sing a wonderful interpretation of it.




We asked parents what they thought about the school’s Christian ethos, RE and worship, this is just a selection of their answers. Three things that I like about the school’s Christian ethos, RE and worship.



Koinonia (Community)

The Great Cinnamon Brow Wheelie Walk Saturday 20th April 2013
Children from Cinnamon Brow C of E Primary School, together with the Church of the Resurrection took part in the Great Cinnamon Brow Wheelie Walk on Saturday 20th April.

The rules were; they had to travel around Cinnamon Brow using bikes, wheelchairs, roller skates – any thing on wheels! One reception child even rode his Go Kart! The Wheelie Walk raised funds for the Church and School, we had 35 children, 21 bikes, 7 scooters, 2 on roller skates, 2 wheelchairs and a go kart  – AND 5 mums pushing prams – and that’s not including all the other mums and dads who joined in too! Even the weather was perfect!

Key Stage 2 children learning about Fair Trade with their families at Church
Key Stage 2 children learning about Fair Trade with their families at Church
Revd Denise talks to Key stage 2 children about the Stations of the Cross during an afternoon at Church where the children baked cakes for families and learned about Fair Trade.

Key stage 1 children sing Christmas carols at Padgate house care home



Key Stage one more step 1807132 singing One More Step in Family Assembly on 18th July 2013. After the Hymn you will hear Key Stage 2 saying the School Prayer, written by the children.


prayers250813 copyThese were the prayers from the Sunday Eucharist service on 25th August 2013 at our Church. A Year 1 pupil read them with a little help from his Mum. They thanked God for our school, our community and the world.

Please click on the prayers to read them.







Have a look at what children in years 3 and 4 think God looks like! Photo Gallery

Service and Generosity



The 2014 Year 6 leavers talk about their aspirations – some of them ‘just’ want to be happy!